What is affiliate marketing and what is the best way to make money from it

What is affiliate marketing and what is the best way to make money from it: Hello friends how are you I hope you are all fine and today in this article I will talk about what is affiliate marketing and how we can make money from it.
Friends first of all I want to elaborate about the affiliate marketing because without knowing about it you cannot understand this post.

What is affiliate marketing: You can understand affiliate marketing via an example:
Suppose there is a shop near your home and you say to the shop keeper that I will promote your products and if you will get sell so will you give me some commission so the shopkeeper will say ye because there is a profit of him behind this and you can also make money from it so similarly there are various companies online who want to sell their product and want to promote their products free of cost and Amazon is one of the best example of it.

You just have to make an affiliate account on amazon and then you just have to promote the product using its link or banner and if someone click on it or buy that particular product or buy some other product so you will get a good commission.

Now friends everyone face only one problem in doing the affiliate marketing which you getting sales and promoting the product because promotion of products is not easy if you do not have any platform for sharing and if you are thinking that you will share your link on social media platforms like facebook, twitter so you are thinking wrong there is very low probability to get sells.

So what to do. Friends there are only  methods to be success in affiliate marketing the first one is the paid method where you can run a campaign on any platform using the Google adwords, facebook advertisement, snapchat promotion etc but it will not give you much profit because here you are also loosing money.

So the method is you can create a website where you just have to write articles about a particular product that you want to promote and in this way you can get the sales without any kind of invest and this is one of the best method and most of the bloggers are earning from this method and the third method is the You tube. Friends if you create a you tube channel with some subscribers then you can make a lot of money online via affiliate marketing especially in the festive seasons so I hope you will like this small article and will learn something from it.

Thanks for reading this article.

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