How to make money online by Facebook Page Video monetization

How to make money online by Facebook Page Video monetization: Hello friends how are you I hope you are all find so friends I want to talk about the Facebook page video monetization and how you can make money from it.

Friend as we know that Facebook is the amazing and a giant social media platform and most of the population of the world have their accounts in it. But have you heard that you can also make money from it and if no then read this complete article very carefully.

Friends there are mostly three main feature in Facebook the first one is your Facebook time line where you can share your photos, videos, events etc.

The second thing is the Facebook group where you can make a private group of your college or school friends or you can make a public group where any one can join it and in the group you can share photos, videos, etc.

And the third thing is the Facebook page which only have the feature where you can monetize your video and can make money from it but friends there are some criteria of it which I will tell you in this article but before this I want to say something.

Friends you cannot monetize your video on your timeline means the videos you upload on your Facebook profile and you cannot also monetize those videos which you upload in your Facebook group whether your Facebook group have millions of members.

You can only monetize those videos which are in your Facebook page but you have to follow some criteria otherwise you cannot monetize your Facebook Page Videos and the criteria is as follows:

  • The first thing is that your Facebook Page has at-least 10,000 Likes and these likes should be the real and genuine likes. And please do not use any kind of software or tool to get likes otherwise you will loose this golden opportunity like many people loose this opportunity in case of You Tube by spamming so please do not spam.
  • The second thing is that you Facebook page have those video which are owned by your own means never copy other videos and never upload other copyrighted videos on you Facebook page otherwise your Facebook page will be suspended and you cannot make another one like in case of You Tube.
  • The third thing is that you have 30,000 minutes of watch time on your all videos. Like in You Tube of 4000 hours. And you have to complete this criteria in just 60 days which can only be possible if you have 10,000 or more likes on your Facebook page and this is the reason I tell you that you have to get 10,000 real likes not fake likes.
  • The fourth criteria is that your all video length must be 3 minutes or more otherwise your videos will not monetize.
  • And the most important thing is that this Facebook Page Monetization service be available in your country and in the article below I have given a link where you can check your Facebook Page whether it is available for the monetization or not.
Check whether your Facebook page is eligible for Facebook partner program or not via this link 

Click here to check your page!

So friends why you are waiting for go and make a good Facebook page and start uploading videos there and please one more thing in mind please do not do anything wrong against their guidelines because if you loose this chance so you will loose a golden chance and if you are reading this article from India so friends this thing is now available in India too.
So I hope you will like this article and will learn something from here!
Thanks for reading this article.

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